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Welcome    to    Micro    Clean,    your    premier    choice    for    indoor    air solutions    in    Dallas    and    Fort    Worth,    Texas.    We    know    how important   it   is   to   maintain   the   quality   of   air   indoors,   which   is   why we    are    offering    our    expertise    in    air    duct    cleaning.    We    are committed   towards   being   able   to   deliver   the   highest   level   of customer     satisfaction     through     providing     services     that     are available   at   affordable   rates.   Whether   you   are   a   residential   or commercial   customer,   regardless   of   how   small   or   big   the   job   is, we can extend a helping hand! Why Choose Us? At   Micro   Clean,   our   passion   drives   success.   We   are   passionate in   what   we   are   doing,   which   allows   us   to   provide   top-notch   air duct   cleaning   and   HVAC   services   in   Dallas,   Texas.   Our   primary focus   is   air   duct   cleaning,   but   we   also   handle   HVAC   installation and   repair,   making   us   a   one-stop   shop   for   all   your   needs   to improve   indoor   air   quality.   We   use   state-of-the-art   technology and   proud   to   have   a   workforce   that   is   backed   with   extensive experience   and   training,   allowing   them   to   deliver   outcomes   that do   not   only   meet,   but   even   exceed   client   expectations.   We   have competitive   prices.   We   conduct   all   of   our   services   in   accordance with     green     practices     in     order     to     promote     environmental sustainability.   We   have   been   given   words   of   praises   by   our   past clients   and   favorable   online   reviews.   With   all   of   these,   there   is surely   no   reason   for   you   to   look   any   further   if   you   need   experts in air duct cleaning. We    are    the    top    choice    in    DFW    for    quality    clean    indoor    air, specializing   in   residential,   commercial,   and   industrial   ventilation cleanings,   as   well   as   furnace   and   air   conditioner   cleaning,   repair, and installations. We   provide   NADCA-certified   air   duct   cleaning   and   dryer   vent cleaning   services,   making   us   Dallas   and   Fort   Worth's   premier choice   for   total   ventilation   care.   We   also   offer   expert   furnace   and air   conditioner   maintenance   checks,   and   expert   HVAC   repair service,    so    you    can    count    on    us    for    all    of    your    ventilation, heating and cooling needs. Call Us Now! Talk   to   one   of   our   customer   service   representatives   today   and we   will   let   you   know   how   Micro   Clean   can   assist   you   when   it comes   to   air   duct   cleaning   and   other   related   HVAC   services   in Dallas, Texas!
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