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About Us At   Micro   Clean,   we   have   one   simple   goal   –   to   be   the   best   contractor   for   air   duct   cleaning and   HVAC   services   in   Dallas, Texas.   While   there   are   many   companies   providing   the   same service,   with   confidence,   we   can   say   that   we   have   an   edge   above   competition   in   ways more   than   one.   From   having   experienced   professionals   to   offering   competitive   rates, working with us is one thing that you will surely not regret. Our People, Our Best Assets All   of   the   members   of   our   workforce   can   deliver   consistent   quality   in   all   of   the   jobs   they are   tasked   to   complete.   We   have   a   stringent   hiring   process   to   make   sure   that   only   the best   people   will   work   for   us.   In   the   same   way,   we   also   provide   them   with   continuous training   to   be   updated   with   the   latest   techniques   that   can   be   applied   in   air   duct   cleaning and   HVAC   services.   Our   people   are   prompt,   honest,   approachable,   knowledgeable,   and skilled,   which   are   all   essential   characteristics   that   can   provide   a   satisfaction   guarantee   to our clientele. State-of-the-Art, Environmentally-Friendly Technology While   we   are   proud   of   having   the   best   people   in   the   business,   this   is   not   where   we   rest our   laurels.   We   have   also   invested   in   new   technologies   for   air   duct   cleaning   and   HVAC services.   While   these   technologies   can   be   expensive,   we   consider   it   as   an   investment that   will   enable   us   to   deliver   top-notch   services   that   will   be   unmatched   by   any   other provider   in   Dallas,   Texas.   Aside   from   the   use   of   contemporary   tools   and   equipment,   we also   make   sure   that   they   are   eco-friendly,   allowing   us   to   minimize   the   possible   negative impacts of our work to the environment. First-rate Service Made Affordable At   Micro   Clean,   you   can   enjoy   premium   services   at   a   price   that   will   not   hurt   your   wallet. We   believe   that   offering   the   best   to   our   clients   is   not   tantamount   into   having   excessive charges.   We   provide   honest   quotes   and   make   sure   that   all   of   the   prices   of   our   services are   fair   to   our   customers.   Nonetheless,   while   we   keep   our   prices   reasonable,   we   make sure that quality of service is never compensated in any way.
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