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Duct Replacement An   air   duct   makes   it   possible   to   transport   heated   or   cool   air   into   your   home   from   its source.   Over   the   years,   your   air   ducts   can   be   prone   to   several   problems,   such   as   the formation   of   mold   and   mildew,   making   it   demonstrate   reduced   functionality.   In   some instances,   it   can   be   repaired   by   a   professional.   Nonetheless,   when   it   is   too   old   and   when the   problem   can   no   longer   be   resolved   through   repairs,   the   next   best   thing   that   can   be considered is duct replacement. In this case, Micro Clean can help you! When to Replace Air Ducts Pay   attention   to   the   following   as   these   are   obvious   indications   that   you   need   a   duct replacement: •   Mold   Formation:   Mold,   when   inhaled,   can   have   a   significant   impact   on   one’s   health, especially    among    babies    or    those    who    are    prone    to    allergies.    Mold    forms    in    moist environments, such as in ducts from your home’s cooling system. •   Extreme   Age:   If   you   have   a   house   that   is   older   than   fifty   years   and   if   the   air   ducts   have never   been   replaced,   it   may   be   prone   to   asbestos.   In   the   same   way,   if   the   air   ducts   are too    old,    their    functionality    can    be    compensated,    making    it    important    for    such    to    be replaced. •   Dirt   and   Dust:   From   time   to   time,   it   is   important   to   have   a   visual   inspection   of   your   air ducts.   This   can   be   done   even   on   your   own.   If   you   notice   that   there   is   a   build-up   of   dirt,   a replacement may be needed when repair can no longer handle it. •   Rust   and   Cracks:   When   you   perform   a   visual   inspection   of   your   air   ducts,   it   is   also important   to   pay   attention   to   any   signs   of   cracks,   leaking,   rust,   and   corrosion.   These   can be   reflective   of   damages   that   can   hinder   the   functionality   of   your   heating   and   cooling systems. •   Inconsistent   Temperature:   Whether   it   is   ducts   from   your   heating   or   cooling   system,   if   the temperature   is   being   affected,   this   is   another   indication   that   you   might   need   to   have   new ducts. What We Can Do At   Micro   Clean,   one   of   our   specializations   deal   with   the   replacement   of   air   ducts,   both   for residential   and   commercial   clients. As   a   trusted   service   provider   in   Dallas   Texas,   we   have built   a   solid   reputation   and   gained   the   trust   of   our   clients,   which   is   a   testament   to   the   top- notch service that we can offer.
Duct Replacement
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