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Removing Mold in Ducts Through   the   years,   especially   if   periodic   cleaning   and   maintenance   is   not   done,   mold   can accumulate   in   the   air   ducts,   and   this   is   surely   the   least   that   you   would   want.   Aside   from discoloration,   it   also   leads   into   an   unwanted   odor   and   can   have   a   huge   impact   on   the functionality   of   your   home’s   heating   and   cooling   system.   If   there   is   an   obvious   sign   of mold   growth   in   the   air   ducts   or   if   you   want   to   hire   a   professional   for   the   removal   of   mold   in air duct, contact Micro Clean today and we will let you know what we can do to be of help. Causes of the Formation of Mold There are two main reasons why mold accumulate in the air ducts: •   Condensation:   This   happens   when   your   air   conditioning   system   has   a   cold   temperature while   other   parts   are   warm.   This   is   a   common   occurrence   in   many   houses   in   Dallas, Texas.   Because   it   leads   into   dampness,   it   becomes   a   more   attractive   breeding   ground   for mold. •   Organic   Material:   When   dust   and   dirt   accumulates   in   the   air   ducts,   there   is   a   higher likelihood   that   molds   will   form.   Dust   contains   organic   material,   and   when   complemented with dampness, it leads into the growth of mold. Preventing the Growth of Mold There   are   different   things   that   can   be   done   to   prevent   the   growth   of   mold.   Regular cleaning   of   the   air   ducts   and   changing   of   air   filters   in   about   two   to   three   months   will   be critical.   Having   a   dehumidifier   and   having   proper   insulation   can   also   prove   to   be   effective. Make   sure   to   check   the   air   ducts   regularly   to   see   any   signs   of   mold   growth   and   to   have   it addressed the soonest possible time before the problem gets worst. Work with a Professional At   the   end   of   the   day,   to   remove   mold   in   air   ducts,   the   best   thing   that   you   can   do   is   to   call a   professional   service   provider   in   Dallas,   Texas. At   Micro   Clean,   we   have   the   expertise   in getting   rid   of   mold   and   in   preventing   its   regrowth,   making   sure   that   your   heating   and cooling systems will work on their best all the time.
Mold in Ducts Removal
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