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Air ducts carry produced air from the HVAC system to our rooms. But over time, it gets damaged and forms leaks. If you don’t replace your air ducts when it’s damaged, produced air will leak through them and reduce your HVAC system’s overall efficiency. Soon, you’ll notice a spike in your monthly heating and cooling bills.

When You Should Replace Old Air Ducts

When you use old air ducts with your HVAC system, pest, dust, and microparticles start to accumulate inside the air duct. As a result, the air quality of your house starts to decrease. Besides, leaks in old air ducts force your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder, increasing overall energy consumption. 

So, if your air ducts are more than 10-15 years old, you should think about replacing them.

Why You Need Duct Replacement or Repair

If you want better air quality in your space, there is no alternative to air duct leak repair or complete duct replacement. When you use older air ducts in your HVAC system, air will easily be mixed with contaminants like dust, microorganisms, bacteria, molds, and so on. If you inhale such contaminated air, you’ll find yourself in a hospital bed in a few days. Besides, older air ducts produce a bad odor that can make your home unlivable.

Besides, when you don’t replace the air ducts, leaks can form in the air ducts. As a result, produced hot and cold air won’t be able to reach your rooms and make your HVAC system to work longer. This means more energy consumption, which will increase the monthly heating and cooling cost. That’s why if you want to save money on monthly utility costs, you must replace the air ducts when it’s due.

Residential & Commercial Duct Replacement in Dallas & Fort Worth

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Why Do You Need Duct Replacement?


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An outstanding experience. The technician was thorough and explained each step of the dryer duct cleaning. He was efficient, he didn't waste my time. The service was well worth the very reasonable price.
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I had a great experience with Micro Clean. I had mold in two areas, and they were able to complete the work for a very reasonable price. The manager, was very helpful and responsive to my calls and emails. His crew was very professional
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