Mold Removal in Dallas & Fort Worth

Air Ducts

Mold can form inside your air ducts for various reasons.  If you notice that there are molds inside your air ducts, you shouldn’t ignore this problem and call us as soon as possible. Our best air duct cleaning technicians will come to your house and clean all the molds from your air ducts.

How Molds Impact Our Health

As air ducts carry the produced air from an air conditioner or heating system, if there are molds inside the air duct, produced air will be mixed with molds.

If you breathe that contaminated air, you and your family members will start to develop various respiratory diseases. If you have someone in your family who has an allergy or asthma, you should be more worried about molds.

Signs of Molds in the Air Ducts

If you notice a musty smell inside your home, chances are you have molds growing in your air ducts. Also, if you’re feeling irritation in your nose, throat, or eyes when you turn on your air conditioner or Heating system, there is a high chance of mold infestation in your air ducts.

Apart from these signs, if you’re frequently irritated by runny nose, sudden headaches, and allergy symptoms, you should contact a professional air duct and mold cleaning service.

Micro Clean DFW offers the best mold removal service in Dallas & Fort Worth area and we have some of the best mold cleaning professionals in whole Texas.  

Residential & Commercial Mold Removal in Dallas & Fort Worth

Micro Clean DFW - Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Image - Before BEFORE
Micro Clean DFW - Air Duct Cleaning Image - After AFTER
Want Micro Clean DFW to handle your mold infested Air Duct System?
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Micro Clean DFW - Duct Cleaning Images - After AFTER
Micro Clean DFW - Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Images - Before BEFORE
Micro Clean DFW - Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Images - After AFTER

Why Do You Need Mold Removal Services?


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Peter J.
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An outstanding experience. The technician was thorough and explained each step of the dryer duct cleaning. He was efficient, he didn't waste my time. The service was well worth the very reasonable price.
Olivia M.
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I had a great experience with Micro Clean. I had mold in two areas, and they were able to complete the work for a very reasonable price. The manager, was very helpful and responsive to my calls and emails. His crew was very professional
Sherri S.
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They were very informative, and explained everything that they were going to be doing. I already posted a great review for them on Facebook, and have told five of my friends about them. Highly recommended!