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Micro Clean DFW - Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Images - Before BEFORE
Micro Clean DFW - Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Images - After AFTER
Air Duct AFTER
Air Duct AFTER
Micro Clean DFW - Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Image - Before BEFORE
Micro Clean DFW - Air Duct Cleaning Image - After AFTER

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We offer thorough air duct cleaning so that you and your family members don’t face any health complication, unpleasant odor, and poor airflow issues. We recommend cleaning the air ducts every three to five years. Also, after renovation or construction, it is a must to clean your air ducts.

Over time, air ducts get damaged and air starts to leak. As a result, your comfort is compromised and you face problems like high humidity, higher electric bills, uneven cooling or heating, etc. Our expert technicians will replace your old ducts with new ones while following all the safety protocols and guidelines.

Molds in the air ducts can cause unpleasant odor to spread in your living space and make everyone in your home sick. If you don’t want this to happen in your home, call Micro Clean DFW. Our expert mold removal professionals will clean the molds and keep your family safe.



There are several benefits of using this advanced air purification system. For example, it destroys up to 99% of bacteria, virus and mold in air. Besides, due to its dual ionizer, it can protect your home from different airborne particles such as dust, debris, pollen, and allergens.

Handy tips just for you...

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AC Coil Cleaning

Everything You Need to Know About AC Coil Cleaning

To keep your air conditioner functioning throughout the year, you’ll require annual AC maintenance, including AC coil cleaning. Unfortunately, homeowners focus on AC parts like the air filter, compressor, etc., neglecting AC coil cleaning just as they do with air duct cleaning. But when you neglect AC coil cleaning, it heavily affects your cooling system’s

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5 Reasons Behind AC Ineffectiveness [Infographic]

AC ineffectiveness causes, along with many other indoor comfort issues, excessive increase in humidity level. Here are 5 reasons behind this HVAC inefficiency and what you can do to prevent these. 5 Reasons behind AC Ineffectiveness in Removing Excess Humidity 1.   Over-sized HVAC Unit 2.   System Has Only On/Off 3.   System Too Old to Remove

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Peter J.
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An outstanding experience. The technician was thorough and explained each step of the dryer duct cleaning. He was efficient, he didn't waste my time. The service was well worth the very reasonable price.
Olivia M.
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I had a great experience with Micro Clean. I had mold in two areas, and they were able to complete the work for a very reasonable price. The manager, was very helpful and responsive to my calls and emails. His crew was very professional
Sherri S.
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They were very informative, and explained everything that they were going to be doing. I already posted a great review for them on Facebook, and have told five of my friends about them. Highly recommended!