FAQs about UV Light & Indoor Air Quality

UV Lights for HVAC System to improve indoor air quality

If you’re worried about indoor pollution or want to safeguard your family from various microorganisms, you can install an HVAC UV light.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the use of UV light in the HVAC system and its relation to indoor air quality.

FAQs about UV Light for HVAC Unit & Indoor Air Quality

1.   Is HVAC UV Light Similar to the UV Rays Coming from the Sun?

No, HVAC UV light isn’t similar to the UV rays coming from the sun.

UV rays emitting from the sun are categorized into two groups – UV A and UV B. On the other hand, UV rays emitting from the HVAC UV light are categorized as UV C. The key difference between these UV categories is in the wavelength. Besides, HVAC UV rays are considered germicidal UV.

2.   Is HVAC UV Light Harmful to Human Body?

Many people worry that UV C can create ozone byproducts in the house. Yes, theoretically, UV C can create ozone products inside your house. But practically, there is no such threat because air purifiers that use UV rays have a protective coating that eliminates this threat.

Again, many people worry that HVAC UV light can create sunburns. It’s true only if you’re directly exposed to the UV C rays. But in HVAC systems, UV lights are installed inside the unit. Thus, it eliminates the risk of having sunburns or eye damage.

3.   Which Pollutants Can UV Light Destroy?

As I mentioned earlier, UV-C lights are also known as germicidal, which means they can destroy germs and certain bacteria. Besides, there is numerous scientific research that shows the effectiveness of UV-C lights in destroying germs and bacteria. That’s why in many hospitals and lab facilities, UV C rays are used to keep the space safe from harmful microorganisms.

Apart from certain bacteria, UV C rays destroy viruses, fungi, and mold spores.

4.   Do I Need a UV Purifier If I Already Use Air Filter in My HVAC Unit?

By default, all HVAC unit has an air filter, and you’ll have to replace it every 70-80 days. However, an HVAC air filter can block certain particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust, etc. But if you want to keep your space safe from viruses and certain bacteria, alone air filters cannot do it.

The size of the COVID-19 virus is about 1/400th of human hair. And if you want to capture this virus with the HVAC air filter, the air filter will have to be so dense that it’ll block the airflow. But UV air purifiers don’t have to block airflow to capture the virus. It emits the UV C rays and destroys the virus without hampering the airflow.

5.   If I Install HVAC UV Light, Will It Work Against the COVID-19?

Yes, as of now, UV C light is found effective against COVID-19. However, to increase the sterilization, you’ll have to select the right lighting and intensity. That’s why before purchasing the HVAC UV light, you should consult a professional and buy accordingly.

N.B. You should never solely rely on UV light to combat the virus. If you’re eligible, you must take the COVID-19 vaccine and use a mask when you go outside. Also, follow all the guidelines published by the CDC.

6.   Is HVAC UV Light Expensive?  

As UV lights offer several benefits, many may think that running an HVAC UV light is expensive. But in reality, an HVAC UV light doesn’t use much electricity.

You can compare HVAC UV lights to dim light. It’ll cost you around 7 cents a day, which is inexpensive. Besides, there are UV lights that are connected to the HVAC boiler, which only operate when you turn on the HVAC unit. As a result, the UV light will start working when you turn on your AC or heating system.  

7.   What is the Maintenance Requirement for HVAC UV Lights?

HVAC UV light requires almost no maintenance at all. You only have to replace the UV lamp when it goes out. Otherwise, you can use the HVAC UV light for years without maintenance.


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See the summary here – FAQs about UV Light & Indoor Air Quality…

FAQs about UV Light & Indoor Air Quality
FAQs about UV Light & Indoor Air Quality

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FAQs about UV Light & Indoor Air Quality

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