5 Symptoms That Indicate Mold Exposure in Your Home

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My sister lived a few blocks away from me. I invited her to last year’s Thanksgiving, and we were talking about our neighborhood. In between our conversation, she pointed out a vague detail that caught my attention. She told me that she is feeling old and getting tired just by getting up 2 stories in her building. I immediately knew something was off. She is neither physically weak or sick. Then it hit me. I knew my sister and how lazy and irresponsible she was with her HVAC system. I knew she is the last person on earth to realize her health issues have something to do with her denial of air duct cleaning.

It took me a while to convince her that the reason she was feeling so tired and flimsy these days is that she skipped regular mold removal to save the air duct cleaning cost.

For me, linking air duct cleaning to her health issues was easy because I knew her and her habits. However, for others, it is very hard to realize if it is time for mold removal or a complete air duct cleaning unless you have done it before. Apart from the physical symptoms (which I will talk about in a moment), there are several other psychological signs that molds in duct show. If we look for these physiological and psychological signs carefully, we will know that it is time for a proper air duct cleaning.  

5 Symptoms That Indicate Mold Exposure in Your Home

1.      Weakness & Fatigue

The very first symptoms or changes in your day to day life you will notice is the fatigue and weakness.

Note that I am not talking about tiredness. Tiredness can be a result of workload, stress, anxiety, etc. But fatigue is more of a long long-term side effect of the surrounding. So, tiredness should not be considered as a symptom, but fatigue or weakness should be.

I know that fatigue and tiredness is not enough to back up the claim of your air ducts being infested by molds but when this fatigue and weakness is coupled with the other sign or symptoms I am going to talk about, mold infestation could be the cause behind it.

The reason behind your fatigue and weakness when mold infests your air duct is the spores that grow due to the molds. Molds releases spores into the air and these spores later cause the discomfort and health hazards. Moreover, the recurring mold infestation in your HVAC system air ducts can cause long-term discomfort and infection of your respiratory tract. So, maintenance of air ducts for your heating and cooling system is no joke.

2.      Sensitivity to light and Headaches

I had migraines for a year and this was perhaps the most difficult time of my life. I could hardly bear the pain and this is just one example. There are several other reasons why headache or light sensitivity could occur. That’s why headaches are not a clear or proper indicator that your house is infested by molds.

That being said, if you encounter recurring headaches that feel like flu fever, you should be concerned about the mold infestation. There is another way you can confirm that this pain is being caused by the lack of air duct cleaning – the resistance to pain killers. If regular painkillers don’t work for you, you should check your air duct or air vents for possible mold infestation.

3.      Difficulty in Concentrating and Poor Memory

When you go to a doctor with a lack of focus and bad memory, they will quickly name “stress” to be the culprit. As unsettling as it may sound, they are right most of the time. But often the reason is far deeper than you think.

If you are suffering from time to time brain freeze, it could be because of the stress or diet. However, if you face something like brain fog, you should be concerned about your well-being because this is not a usual scenario.

Most probably this is happening because of the molds lurking behind walls, carpets and of course, in your heating and air conditioning air ducts. But if it is not the molds in your house, you should go ahead and be done with a thorough check-up to ensure your physiology is fine. I hope things don’t turn out this way – mold infestation is way better than any other deadly disease.

4.      Joint Pains

This is a rather shocking one. We don’t usually connect our respiratory system with our bone structure. That’s why if something happens to our joints, we don’t think it’s because of the air we breathe.

But when you are allergic to something, the air can cause joint pains too – I know, shocking right?

Basically, what happens is, when you are exposed to molds and spores, it triggers some insidious condition, especially, chronic inflammatory response syndrome or otherwise known and CIRS. So, if you are not diagnosed with Rheumatic fever and still feel the joint pains, it’s time to look at those air ducts in your house.

5.      Mood Swing, Red Eyes, Poor Vision, Sweat, etc.

All of them are symptoms of mold infestation and they should be taken lightly. As soon as you notice these symptoms, make sure to call for professional air duct cleaning services.

Lucky for you, if you are in Dallas or Fort Worth area, Micro Clean DFW is the right around the corner to help you with your situation. Just give us a call at 972-916-9609 and our experts will be there to investigate the situation and help you with your air duct cleaning.

Bottom Line

Whether it is air duct cleaning or AC repair, it’s important you attend to it at once. Since Mold infestation in your air ducts can pose a serious threat to your health, you need to take necessary steps for air duct cleaning Before things get out of hand.

See the summary of this content here in an infographic – 5 Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Home [Infographic]

5 Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Home
5 Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Home

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