DIY Mold Removal – Everything You Need To Know

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Molds in duct is more common than one might think. People often suffer due to the mold infestation in their air ducts, and that’s why you must conduct air duct cleaning regularly. Since air duct cleaning is so common, there are hundreds of air duct cleaning companies in Dallas & Ft Worth and all over the US. But you can take a DIY approach to clean the air duct without any professional supervision, even though that is not advised if you don’t know anything about mold removal. Now that the warning is out of the way, let’s dig deeper into DIY mold removal.

5 things you will need to get rid of Molds in Duct

First of all, you will need all the necessary equipment and materials to pull the job yourself. Remember, the selection of this cleaning solution and other essential substances is the most important step in cleaning the air ducts. The selection will decide how successful your air duct cleaning will be.

The main cleaning agent can be something that removes the mold or it can be something that lets it fester. Remember, picking the right cleaning agent here is the most crucial here.

If you don’t want to buy one, you can always make yours in your home.

These are the things you will need for this –

  1. One tablespoon household detergent
  2. Baking soda
  3. Half tablespoon
  4. A cup
  5. Water

Besides, you can use one part bleach in fifteen parts or 16 parts water to make the cleaning agent and it would do the work for you. But if you don’t want to go through the hassle. You can always buy a commercial mold removal solution. Make sure the mold removal product is EPA approved to ensure safety.

Then you need some safety gear to keep yourself safe from the chemicals.

  1. A safety mask
  2. A pair of industrial-grade thick gloves
  3. A pair of safety goggles

Warning: DIY mold removal is not advised. For best results, we recommend hiring a professional air duct cleaning company.

7 Steps to DIY Mold Removal

Now, follow these steps to proceed with your air duct cleaning –

Step 1: Turn off your heating and air conditioning units completely. Even the smallest amount of current in your system can be fatal.

Step 2: Make the air ducts accessible to your hand. Either you go to the duct or bring down the air ducts to you. If I am not wrong, the first one would be a better idea.

Step 3: Look for the mold-infested spot and take a wet rag to clean it up. First, soak the rag into the cleaning mix you prepared or bought. Then start scrubbing the spots gently.

Step 4: Rinse the duct and see the improvement. If you see the spot needs more scrubbing, repeat the process until the spots and mols are visibly gone.

Step 5: Rinse the air ducts, especially the spots. Then leave it to dry before you turn on your air conditioner.  

Step 6: Throw away the rag. Make sure the rag is placed in a thick plastic bag before you throw them out. Otherwise, the mold will infest wherever you threw the rag.

Step 7: This is the last step but a very important one. Even though you have removed the molds from the ducts, you haven’t prevented the inevitable. Sooner or later, the mold will return and haunt you again. To ensure you don’t have to do this repeatedly, you need to use mold growth inhibitors. But make sure they are EPA registered. Once you use them on your air duct system, the chances of molds or fungus growth in your HVAC system will decrease exponentially.

Why is air duct cleaning important?

After reading all the instructions to clean your air duct, you must be thinking if all the hassle is really worth it.

Let me tell you that it is.

Here are all the reasons you should regularly get the air ducts cleaned.

1.       To increase the efficiency of your HVAC system

When your air ducts are infested with molds, the airflow is compromised. And to make up for the reduction in airflow, your HVAC system consumes more energy and ensures efficient output.

This decreases the efficiency of your system and increases your bills and total HVAC costs. Besides, it can also increase your AC repair costs and you know how big these AC maintenance & repair costs could be. So, you better clean the air ducts before they make an even greater mess.

2.       To ensure fresh air

When your air duct is infested with molds, the output from your heating and cooling system is not the purest.

Unless you want polluted and unhealthy air in your house, you better go and call for an air duct cleaning service. Or, since you are reading this, you could even do it yourself.

3.       To ensure the health of your family

Lastly, why you would really want to clean your air ducts is to keep your family safe. If the mold infestation is severe, it would definitely help grow bacteria and other microorganisms. These microorganisms will then fly with the air and reach into you and your family’s body. This way, you could be infected by unhealthy bacteria and get sick quickly.

Why removing molds in duct by yourself is not a good idea

Despite everything I wrote in detail here, it is always advised to leave these kinds of work to the hands of professionals. They would know what to do.  

Almost all the neighborhood has these air duct replacement or air duct cleaning services. Just Google it and you will find the best air duct cleaning service providers.

And if you live in Dallas and Ft Worth area, luckily, air duct cleaning in Dallas and Ft Worth area is very convenient since Micro Clean DFW is at your service. Just call at 972-916-9609 and a team of professional technicians and cleaners will be at your doorstep.

See a relevant infographic here – 7 Steps to DIY Mold Removal [Infographic]

7 Steps to DIY Mold Removal
7 Steps to DIY Mold Removal

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